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Albatross Golf Society

Albatross: Beyond Just Golf

Albatross is more than golf; it's a journey of growth and community impact. Our society offers not just elite golfing experiences with renowned athletes, but also opportunities for personal development and meaningful societal contributions. Join us in a journey where golf is a gateway to excellence in life.

Beyond Golf: A Commitment to Excellence

We Rise Above

At Albatross Golf Society, “We Rise Above” is our heartbeat. It means excelling in golf, growing personally, and positively impacting the community.

  • On the Course: Elevating golfing standards alongside celebrities and athletes.
  • Off the Course: Focusing on personal growth and meaningful connections.
  • Community Impact: Making a difference through the Footprints Forward Foundation.
  • United in Excellence: Joining together to achieve more in golf and life.

At the heart of Albatross is our commitment to making a difference. Every swing, every putt, every event is an opportunity to contribute to a greater cause and that’s what sets us aside from other golf societies.

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Beyond Golf: A Commitment to Excellence

Who We Are

The Albatross Golf Society is more than just a group of golfers; it's a vibrant community where friendship, competition, and a shared desire to impact the world converge. Our members embody diverse roles – friends, mentors, collaborators – and together, we form a collective that's greater than its individual parts. United by our love for golf, we foster a spirit of camaraderie and mutual support, celebrating each other's victories and facing challenges as one.

Our purpose extends beyond the golf course. We are committed to being a beacon of hope for young people in foster care, particularly those on the cusp of adulthood and transitioning to independence. By sharing life's moments, competing with integrity, and connecting deeply, we not only enrich our lives but also contribute to a meaningful social cause. In the Albatross community, fierce competition on the greens goes hand in hand with making a tangible difference in our communities.

In the golf world, Albatross represents a vision that extends far beyond the greens and fairways. We are more than a society; we are a symbol of connection and change.

At Albatross, we champion a vision where golf is more than a game—it’s a catalyst for substantial impact:

    • Combining Sport and Service: We use golf to unite personal achievement with community betterment.
    • Driving Change: Our events are platforms for giving back and fostering societal improvement.
    • Healthy Competition: We champion fair play and challenge.
    • Strong Community: Our members form deep, supportive bonds.
    • Societal Impact: Beyond the course, we contribute to the greater good.

Albatross is not just about playing the sport; it’s about being part of a larger movement that nurtures talent and serves a meaningful purpose.


Albatross offers an unparalleled golfing experience where members can play alongside renowned celebrities and athletes.


Embark on a self-discovery path, unlocking your potential and charting a course to personal fulfillment and success.

Exclusive Events

Our members enjoy access to elite, pro-tour styled golf tournaments and luxury experiences, available only to a select few.

Social Initiatives

Albatross is committed to making a difference on supporting foster youth and other impactful community projects.

For us, golf is more than just a game. it's to impact and improve the lives of others ~ JASON DANIELS, ALBATROSS MEMBER

Beyond Golf: A Commitment to Excellence

Premier Golfing with Albatross

Experience unmatched golfing with Albatross, where exclusive tournaments and access to top-tier courses meet industry titans at invitation-only events. Our community offers the full spectrum of elite golf benefits, complete with a warm, familiar atmosphere.

Enjoy unparalleled access and create lasting memories, regardless of your location. The Albatross network opens doors to premium golf experiences nearby, with a member-exclusive event calendar and connections to a vast golfing network. Benefit from a culture rich in generosity, where exchanging contacts and invites ensures you’re always ready for the next tee time or a partner for the 19th hole.



Las Vegas (Sold Out)



Super Celebrity Shootout With Santonio Holmes and Charles Woodson


Atalanta Country Club



Member-Guest event with Albatross Signature Masters Experience


Phoenix AZ



Legends Golf Tour Event , hosted by John Daly’s foundation.


Colorado Springs, CO



Albatross Signature Experience at the BMW Classic


Puerto Rico



Major Celebrity Shootout at Dorado Beach


Naples FloridaZ                 



Albatross Founders Tournament


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Our social mission supports America's youth transitioning out of foster care. As more than a golf society, we're a guiding light, helping these young individuals find their path, realize their dreams, and reassuring them they're not alone in their journey.

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