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Albatross Golf Society

Our Social Purpose

Empowering Lives, One Swing at a Time

The difference

Our Mission

Every year over 23,000 foster children turn 18 and are immediately ejected out of the system, and made homeless.

Six years later only half of these young people will have found jobs; less than 3% will have a college degree.

Our social mission is to help give these young people a helping hand as they embark on the next stage of their life journey. Through our partnership with the Footprints Forward Foundation we have committed to supporting 100,000 foster children as they transition out of care and into the world.

At the heart of Albatross is our commitment to making a difference. Every swing, every putt, every event is an opportunity to contribute to a greater cause and that’s what sets us aside from other golf societies.

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Our Social Mission

Footprints Forward Foundation

Launched in 2023, the Footprints Forward Foundation (FFF) partners with Albatross Golf Society to provide foster children aging out of the system with essential resources, connections, and opportunities for a successful transition into adulthood:


Mission and Impact

The Footprints Forward Foundation is committed to equipping foster youth with the necessary tools for a successful transition into adulthood. Our mission is to offer more than just support; we aim to create transformative experiences that foster independence, confidence, and success.

Through our partnership with the Albatross Golf Society, we provide these young adults with valuable resources, mentorship, and life-changing opportunities. Our joint efforts focus on empowering them to achieve their full potential and build a bright future.

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Join us in shaping the future.

An exclusive opportunity awaits our distinguished Signature members. As an Albatross Signature member, you hold a vital role in championing our values and safeguarding our vision.

Our members actively shape our society’s future and have a say in our growth. Being a Signature Member at Albatross is both a privilege and a responsibility.

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