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Meet The Team

Discover the people behind the Albatross Golf Association. Our team embodies the "We Rise Above" spirit, focusing on excellence in golf and making a positive impact in the community.

They blend passion for the sport with a commitment to social good, making every golfing experience unique and meaningful. Get to know the experts and visionaries who bring the Albatross spirit to life, shaping a better future for golf and society.

“Joining Albatross transformed not just my game, but my entire network and lifestyle, exceeding all expectations.”

Linda MargolisFounder of DAF

Corbin Cowan

Leading by Example,Captain of Team Albatross

After nearly two decades of structuring and managing alternative investments in real estate, oil and gas, and pre-IPO opportunities Corbin has shifted his focus to changing the lives of youth aging out of the foster system.
Three parts to our vision for Golfing for GOOD:

  1. Empowering foster children through education and resources to shield them from the shadows of human trafficking and criminal activities.
  2. Harnessing the power of golf to establish a sustainable funding source for a philanthropic endeavors poised to create profound global change.
  3. Seamlessly weaving charitable objectives into the fabric of our premier, enjoyable competitive golf society.

Matt Haines

Flying with the Stars,An A-list partnership

  • Intrinsic partnership with the Celebrity Golf Association
  • Featuring an unrivaled access to the world’s top entertainment figures and sporting heroes
  • Years of experience in putting on the most prestigious and sought-after golf experiences
  • Provides Albatross Founder Members with the exclusive opportunity to play and socialise with their idols
  • Their events are in the most desirable locations on the planet
Partner Influencer

Josh Booty

Celebrity Partner

Jeremy Roenick

Network Partner

Jason Hunter